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PDF to eBook

PDF to eBook

PDF is one of the most popular formats for publishing and sharing documents since it provides a freely downloadable reader for various operating systems. It also retains the formatting, alignment, images and other details on various platforms. Even Microsoft Office provides options for saving documents directly as PDF. Hence PDF is one of the most favored formats for most of the authors around the world.

Now the question is: How to convert PDF to eBook?

The methodology used by us for this conversion process is called hand coding.

  • Hand coding the eBook: This is an approach that is widely used and accepted throughout the world by authors. This includes reading the PDF file and manually coding or programming it into different eBook formats.
    • Advantages
      • Only relevant programming code is included in every eBook hence the size of eBook is substantially reduced.
      • Manual coding usually goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure accuracy and stability.
      • All the details can be carefully rendered into an eBook page.
      • Images are properly placed and sized according to the text.
      • Tables are sized and aligned properly to make sure it replicates what it should really mean.
      • Linking within the book and with external URL is easily done and can be changed easily too.
      • Code is properly intended and formatted which makes it easier for editing later.
      • Every book is treated differently.

To know more about eBook conversion you may visit the blog section of our website or email us. For a comprehensive quote for eBook conversion you just have to fill in our contact form on the right side of this screen.

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