Triangle of Success

Triangle of success! Keep it simple

Is the project completed in the given time frame and budget? Is your client satisfied by the quality of the end product? Was the project completed within the agreed upon scope?

This triangle depicts the relationship between the primary factors in a project:

  • Time is the available time to deliver the project
  • Cost is the budget allocated for the project
  • Quality is an end product that meets the client’s expectations

These are the basic elements that define the success of your project. Not meeting any of these elements would challenge the project success or could result in project failure.

Scope creep (continuous change in the client’s idea of what they want) is a common variable to all projects and some creep is inevitable. However a large scope creep poses danger to the success of the project.

Example: One factor is fixed

If time is fixed, the quality of the end product will depend on the cost or resources available.

Example: Two factors are fixed

If cost is fixed and there is a definite delivery date, the functionality may be reduced (quality).

Lets look at some IT project figures published by the Standish group in 2009:

  • 32% were successful projects that are delivered on time, on budget, and with required features
  • 44% were challenged projects, which were late, over budget, and did not have required features
  • 24% of projects failed prior to completion or were delivered and never used

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