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eBooks failed to impress in the early 2000’s but it’s a different story today. Popularity of eBooks is ever increasing. Innovation in eReaders has propelled the quality of reading devices forward and eBooks have gained much popularity due to the various advantages they possess.

I have never been much of a reader, but I would occasionally read a book now and then. My first encounter with eBooks was in 2009, while I was pursuing my Masters in Business in London. The commute from my home in Norwoord Green (West London) to Holborn (Central London) took approximately an hour. I started reading eBooks on my iPhone during my commute and soon I was impressed by the ease of reading. I could store and access hundreds of eBooks as and when I required. I had instant access to eBooks from a wide variety of subjects and a most productive way of filling what would have been 2 hours wasted time- every day! I am thrilled to be involved in eBook conversion services at Aquire Services.

Growth in eBook industry has been above expectations the past couple years. Figures show us that eBook industry doubled in 2011 from 2010 and this robust growth continued in 2012. We can only anticipate the growth in eBooks in 2013 as well.

Seven basic features of eBooks:

  • You can carry thousands of eBooks on the go and enjoy the reading experience on quality eReaders.
  • High quality eBook conversion gives a better reading experience as the pages are well formatted and clear.
  • eBooks can include links to different websites and material on the web.
  • It is easy to own eBooks and the user can immediately enjoy the reading experience as they download the eBook- without waiting. There is no shipping and packing cost involved.
  • eBooks are easy to publish. Publishing eBooks is cheaper than publishing tradional books and it gives new authors a better chance of publishing their work.
  • Users can adjust the font size, add comments, and notes and it also makes reading easier for people with disabilities.
  • eBooks can be accessed and purchased from any location in the world. This allows easier distribution of eBooks across the globe.

eBook conversion has to be of high quality and it should provide good reading experience. A high quality eBook is hand coded, with precise formatting, thorough testing and quality assurance.

Hiring a company for eBook conversion services will definitely decide the quality of your eBook published. One simple method to check the quality of eBook conversion is to ask the eBook conversion company for a sample conversion of you book, maybe around 5 random pages to see the output. Find the right company for your eBook Conversion!

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