Web Development

Technical aspects or “look and feel” are not the only requirements for a good website- it is the bare minimum requirement. But this cannot be the only reason you should develop a website. There must be more to it!

Have you shopped at a highly organized retail store? Recall the ease of shopping? You walk around effortlessly with a shopping cart, knowing where to find things. You know how much it costs, you recognize the packaging of products, staffs are good at assisting you and finally purchasing the product is easy. These are similar traits your website should possess.

An ideal website must provide prospective clients with every assistance required for high user experience. Layout of the website should be easy to navigate and exhibit its purpose of existence. Visitors should enjoy smooth browsing experience- landing pages and call to action should be strategically placed.

All this said- how can this be achieved?

Here is a simple method to evaluate your website’s effectiveness. Does your website answer the following basic strategic and tactical marketing questions?

  • What is your PRODUCT? Is your offering designed to meet your target clients’ needs? Does your website exhibit your offering clearly?
  • What about PRICE? Is your product affordable to your target clients? Is it the right value for their money?
  • Does your website have effective PROMOTION strategy? Are you able to differentiate your offering from your competitors? Are you able to build and improve consumer demand? Does your advertising attract customers? Are you taking care of public relations? Are you able to convince customers to buy from you?
  • PLACE– is your offering conveniently available to the target market? Do they know where to find you?
  • PEOPLE are the defining factor for your service, they are your consumers. Are you thinking in terms of people inside and outside your organization?
  • Does your service incorporate tangible elements to enhance PHYSICAL EVIDENCE? Does everything on your website create confidence in the mind of customers regarding your offer?
  • The PROCESS of service delivery is crucial. Does your website ensure high quality service delivery process?

Make the most of your web presence!

Monday, 15 April 2013 07:44